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There is a Place for Everything...but Everything is Not Always in its Place.
The Perspectives and Art of the Neurologically Divergent.

Printmaking & Mixed Media art creation is where the Atlanta, GA based artist, Diyah Najah's mind finds solace. Diyah's works express her observations of the vulnerability of humanity; she expresses her impressions through related pattern, varied texture, blocks of color, and overlapping layers. Her visual art brings our stories to life from her unique perspective of how all aspects of life are interconnected.  

The practice of her creative-self is rooted the constant quest for balance, order, and composition. Printmaking challenges Diyah Najah's executive functioning skills, and acts as a therapeutic playground to exercise her neurodiversity. The foundation of her art is anchored in the unquestionable and regimented order of relief carving and printmaking. Her mixed-media works are where she allows the release of her constant cacophony of thoughts, feelings, color, impulses, and observations within her brain.

Printmaking is the structure and glue that holds Diyah Najah's narratives together, and her lively mixed-media works allow her to honor the constant flow of thoughts, movement, and ideas within her mind. 

Introducing Diyah Najah: Bio
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